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Common Grounds Café

Relevant Education in

Action through

Community Habilitation


REACH is one of Dallastown Area School District’s Transition programs. In partnership with Bethlehem Life Church, this initiative services students in our district by seeking to provide hands-on employability and job training skills in an authentic setting.  In addition to learning functional academics, our students are fully immersed in running and operating the Common Grounds Café.


At the heart of the transition planning process is collaboration between school teams, families, agencies, and community partners. In keeping with the mission and vision of Dallastown Area School District, the goal of the REACH program is to provide a challenging and relevant learning environment while allowing students to create their own unique and individual pathways that will lead to future success.


The REACH program aims to build connections and foster meaningful and positive partnerships right here within our Dallastown community.  So, please stop by and try our delicious menu items.  We look forward to serving you as together we REACH for Common Ground!

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